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How Parents Will Teach Their Toddlers A-Z Through Movable Alphabets?

Your child who is two-year-old is not still conversant with the English letters. You have tried hard to develop the concept, but in spite, of all your effort, you didn’t get the result that you have been waiting for. Teaching letters to the bubbly, little one is your priority, but since you have failed to drive in the concept, you are wondering hard which way to go. You just need to try out a few out of the box tips and techniques.
Begin with sounds

Instead of showing him a book that upholds different letters, use the movable alphabets to learn in an easy way. Relate the letter sounds to the symbols. Let him play with the detachable symbols which you can avail of as a colorful set. The collection consists of both uppercase, as well as, lowercase letters. The maker has used two different color schemes to structure both the cases. When introducing the names of letters, use the uppercase letters, but while clarifying his concept about sound, use the smaller letters of the lowercase.

Relate sounds to symbols

As far as teaching letter is concerned, you should realize the importance of the different phonetic sounds. If he picks up the sounds, he will have a convenient time learning the symbols. In other words, he will gradually learn how to relate the different sounds to symbols. In this way, both you and your child will find an easy way to learn alphabets with movable alphabets toys. Most children become familiar with the different fonts, once they come to know the respective sounds. So teaching sounds is of paramount importance.
Move from the short to long

First, introduce the vowel sounds, and correlate them to the detachable symbols. First, concentrate on the sounds that are short, and then gradually move on to the longer ones. Motivate your child so that he too can match the sound with the different letters. First, you should teach him how to trace an individual letter using the index finger of your hand. He will also imitate you and help you pinpoint the exact letter that you have set out for.

Relate letters to objects

Other than relating letters to their respective sound, there is one more task to do. You have to relate each piece in the detachable piece to the object which it stands for. If A stands for an apple and B for a bat; then, use the symbolic representation of an apple and a bat to drive home the concept. You need to tell what they stand for; besides telling and pinpointing, you also need to highlight their symbolic representation. You can also use the letters set out in the lower case to write the spelling of the respective words such as an apple and a bat.


Make words with letters

Find out if he has learned to recognize all the twenty-six symbols. Once this part of the learning is complete, you can use the symbols for playing spelling games. First, use the symbols to make three-lettered words, after that, gradually move on to the four-lettered ones. Even as he is becoming familiar with different letters, you can get the three-lettered words made and show him how each word begins with a particular letter.

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