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How to Find the Right Montessori material

Be it a four year old boy forming words using 3-dimensional letters known by the name “the movable alphabet” or a 2½ -year-old carefully pouring water from 1 tiny pitcher to another, the above sights are quite common thanks to Montessori Method of teaching. Since the Montessori Method of teaching has evolved over the years, people who are behind it have also developed ample learning materials keeping several criteria in mind.

At present the toys rather learning materials that are given to kids are carefully chosen keeping in mind several aspects such as the learning factor, whether they will enjoy while learning, using safe materials for making the learning materials, segregating the learning materials as per group and so on. This has resulted in a more scientific method of educating children from a very early age. Montessori material for Sale by Kidadvance have been developed taking such factors into consideration.

While choosing the Montessori materials for your kids there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration to find the right Montessori material. The most important factor is the age of the kid that should be taken into consideration at first. Montessori materials for sale are designed for each age group and one should not give a child a learning material that belongs to higher age group. The learning materials are designed after taking into consideration the brain development of the children of various age groups. Hence giving them something to play that is not of their age can hamper their learning process.

Learning materials are also categorised as per the skills that you would like to impart to your child. In all the learning materials it will be explained in detail what will be the end result and what he or she will gain out of it. The learning materials are designed in such a manner that the task of the kid is quite obvious and if he makes any error his error is also obvious. Though at first it may require the intervention of the mentor to point out the error, the child will gradually understand the exercise and will determine if the exercise is done correctly by him. The same materials can be used for imparting different learning to the kids at different levels. The learning materials are ingeniously designed so as to allow children to work independently with little or no helps.

While choosing the right Montessori material one must be careful to analyze if the entire body of the child  is being involved and also if her senses are being used in the process of learning. There should be opportunities to develop senses such as listening, looking, touching, smelling, tasting and moving her body during the whole process of playing with the learning material.

Montessori learning materials should be such that it invites curiosity and questions in the mind of the kids. This will encourage them in the learning process and will also build a solid foundation. Montessori materials are appealingly designed so as to arouse curiosity in the minds of the kids and this will serve the purpose of learning while playing.

Apart from the above factors while choosing the learning materials one should consider if the materials that have been used in making it is safe and also if the child using the material can use it without getting hurt.


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