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Why Montessori Teaching Materials have been used by various schools

Dr. Maria Montessori developed Montessori learning method. There is a lot of difference you will see in the traditional model of learning as compared the Montessori way of teaching. In traditional model the information flows from the teacher to the student, whereas in the Montessori Teaching Materials the child learns of ownership by following touch and feel method.  This learning method is based on scientific observation. Children are inspired by their teachers; they do what they saw their teachers doing. The teacher plays a very important role in protecting the children concentration from interruption.

Montessori Learning Techniques
As kids carry their learning materials very carefully with 2 hands and do their extremely extraordinary "work" with the learning material. Children feel like they are playing with their companions, however, they are really learning in splendidly outlined educational modules. This helps in increasing their cognitive skill at a very high level. Kidadvance Montessori learning materials utilize genuine protests and activities to make an interpretation of dynamic thoughts into a solid shape. For instance, children can find out about decimal framework utilizing Montessori materials speak to the decimal framework through alluring, pearl-sized brilliant dabs.

·         The Pink Tower
It is one of the Montessori Learning Materials. It is a set of 10 square blocks of different size, which are placed above one another. This tower can be utilized to make children indentify the larger square and the smaller one. Also, it can be used for clearing the concept of increasing and decreasing, children get aware of the “Shape: SQUARE”.

·     Large Movable Alphabets
Dr. Maria stressed more on reading and speaking than writing. Large movable alphabets with different colours of vowels and consonants were introduced to make toddlers learn through playing. This learning toy is made up of wood which helps youngsters in making words and small sentences.

·         Sand Paper Filters
At the point when the youngster knows about the sounds, the letter images are presented utilizing the Sandpaper Letters – images cut out of sandpaper and glued on board. The educator asks toddlers what sound does this letter set says? Kids answer by observing that cut out in the chaos. Sandpaper Letters are an impeccable case of how Dr. Montessori presents ideas of learning letters in order in a roundabout way – vowels are on pink sheets and consonants on blue board.

·         The Golden Bead Set
These learning materials contain challenge in everything. Through beads set teacher makes learn their students counting. There are small beads forming a cube. The concept of counting up to 1000 can be very easily cleared through this bead set.

·         Brown Stairs
It is one of the kinds of sensory material found in Montessori classrooms. With these learning material kids learns the concept of shapes, size and colours. Just like Pink Tower, this material is used for figuring out different shapes and sizes.


These learning resources manage their directions with the key standards of taking after the interests and needs of the youngster, working from the solid to the unique, and supporting the understudies in gaining the functional life aptitudes for future achievement.


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