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Is the Montessori Toy Best Product for Your Children to Boost Their Mind?

For your children, Montessori had shown a lot of toys that develop logic and spatial thinking. Acquired educational games will contribute to the formation of the child's independence and its psychological, physical and social development. All of them are suitable for employment as a single baby and children's groups. You can easily find a variety of shells, pyramids, designers and more that help to boost the mind of your kids. 

Montessori Methods give priority to the development of large and fine motor skills of the fingers of the child. Italian pediatrician gave regularity: the more developed sensory and motor skills, i.e. children's fingers, the faster the child will start to talk. This will help to such toys as frame inserts. The insert consists of different forms and variations. This allows the child to learn more information. When the game is activated, the perception gets clear.  Discount Montessori by Kidadvance is well established with wooden lacing needle, bolt, and Gadget, wooden buttons, a complex pyramid etc. It also includes a handy wooden box for games. It is compact and convenient to accommodate with school children's toys.

Below are some benefits of Montessori Learning Materials:

Sensory development

1   1.  Frames with fasteners - training specific, skills necessary for dressing. Children are offered frames with buttons, buttons, zippers, buckles, laces, hooks, pins and bows.

2.      The brown staircase - represents the difference between the two dimensions and introduces the concepts: thin, thinner, thinnest; thick, thicker, thickest.

3.      The Rose Tower - represents differences in magnitude in three dimensions and helps the child in differentiating concepts big, bigger, bigger; small, smaller, smallest.

4.      Red bars - represent differences in magnitude in one dimension (length) and introduce concepts: short, shorter, shortest; long, longest, longest.

5.      Cylinder blocks are four sets with nine cylinders in each. The first set consists of cylinders of different heights; The second - cylinders of different diameter; The other two include cylinders of different height and diameter. The selection of the cylinder to the corresponding opening helps in the discrimination of the size and develops the fine muscles of the hands necessary for writing. Color cylinders - each set corresponds to the dimensions of one of the sets of cylinder blocks.

The development of speech

Letters, cut from sandpaper, allow the child to recognize the outline of each letter through touch and associate the sound of the letter with its outline. Metal tabs are ten mathematical tabs of different geometric shapes. The tabs have a small handle for holding and moving. Tracking the contour of the tab helps to prepare the hand and eye to the letter.

Mathematical development

Red and blue barbells - a set of 10 bars of the same size as the red bars, but each bar is divided into red and blue parts. These exercises teach the primary basis of the account and can be used for the simplest folding of subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Box with spindles - two boxes with sections from 0 to 9 are used for learning the account and the concept of quantity. The child places a certain number of spindles in the appropriate section.

Golden beads - these materials provide an introduction to the concept of account, quantity and basic mathematical functions.

Geometric bodies - teach the visual and tactile distinction of geometric shapes. The set consists of a cube, a ball, a cylinder, a quadrangular pyramid, a rectangular prism, an ellipsoid, an ovoid, a cone, and a triangular prism.


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